January 7, 2006


I love the NFL playoffs. But I'm not a big Superbowl fan. Too much production for that one day. The first two weeks of the playoffs are the best with 4 games each weekend.

I went 3 and 3 last week so my record stands at 53-47-4.

Today's first game has Washington in Tampa Bay. Brunell looks too wounded to win. I know Simms is in his first year as a starting QB but their defense will win it. I like Tampa Bay giving 2 points. I just can't see the Redskins. Tampa will shut down Moss and a sore Portis. Look for Cadillac Williams to have a great game. Predicted score Tampa Bay 20 Washington 10

The second game today has Jacksonville playing in New England. I have to pick the under-rated Jags here. They have an adequate offense and a very good defense. They really don't get much media attention and are somewhat of an enigma getting 8 points against the dynasty Patriot team. The Pats seem to be peaking at the right time though, so I think they will win the game: New England 24 Jacksonville 20

Tomorrow, Carolina is playing in New York getting 2 and a half points. I really like the Panthers here. Eli Manning just doesn't appear mature enough or polished enough to win a playoff game with the team he has right now. I'm looking for the Panthers to focus on shutting down Tiki Barber, so Manning will be forced to throw more than he likes, and I really think the Panthers are better than what they have shown in the regular season. I think they are much better than average and could wind up in the Super Bowl facing Denver. Carolina 31 New York 17

And the big game this weekend has Cincinnati at home to a favored Pittsburgh Steelers. I am not a Steeler fan. Sure Big Ben seems to get things done, but I just see too many holes with that team. That being said, Cincinnati's defense is better than last year, but they seem to play prevent too much, giving up needless points. Their offense is as good as any other team in the league though. I think the home field will help, although expect lots of Steeler fans to be on hand. I like the healthier Bengals here. Cincinnati 30 Pittsburgh 20

Incidentally, my playoff predictions I made before the first game sucked. I was right about 5 of the 12 teams: Carolina, Seattle, Cincinnati, Indy, and New England.
I picked Detroit to face Indy in the Super Bowl. Detroit? At least I am being honest about being a moron. Now I am almost convinced Denver will win the Super Bowl this year, beating Carolina (maybe Seattle).


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  2. I was making a bold statement by posting that picture.